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Getting Older…

Today is my Birthday! Not much of celebrations. This time my wife is with me that is the difference.
As many people do, I’m also thinking of taking resolutions. I will be more focused in choosing my field. Also I will dedicate some of my time to keep this blog updated frequently.

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Correction to Object.toAS() version 2!

Ampre’s code has a bug in handling Array of strings (refer to my previous post). Since he is just enclosing the result of original Array.toString() with square backets it returns [a,b,10] when it is supposed to return [‘a’, ‘b’ ,10]. Just replacing his version of Array.prototype.toString with the following code […]

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Team Macromedia Volunteer!

Last year I was selected as a Team Macromedia Volunteer for Flash. But I kept quiet waiting for my profile to be featured in Macromedia site.

Today my name is included in the list and my profile is also featured on the Macromedia site. Let me share the joy with you all 🙂

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Better Object-toAS() Code

As you all already know my Object.toAS() code does fail with circular references. Ampre has replied with the following code in prototype, which is sleeker and also can addresses the circular reference issue to some extent.

Here is that code

[UPDATE] included the ActionScript 3 version as well 🙂 It became lot more simpler […]

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