New Version of ActionScript() function for improved AS Tracing.

I’ve completely re-written my ActionScript function. For those who are hearing about it for the first time ActionScript(Object, ‘name_of_the_variable’) – gets complete reusable actionscript string of the Object including circular references.

Now it takes care of special characters in properties and also shows null values properly
Now the actionscript produced is more readable. […]

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Updated my ActionScript() function

Arrays and Functions can have other properties attached to it. But my .toString() method and ActionScript() function does not account for it. Now I’ve rewritten the code to include those other properties as well. Also now it takes care of the properties with undefined values. Take a look at the […]

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An Idea to document your components.

This could be an easy way to document your component. We need track the properties and methods of a component by looping through the instance. Say for example the following example can generate the color syntax xml for any component instance, we need to delete unwanted entries manually that’s […]

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Improved ActionScript() Tracing

The objective of my .toStrong code and ActionScript() function is to generate the actionscript from any object with which we should be able to recreate the object again. My String.toString Prototype does manage the /n and /r properly(thanks to Rob for pointing this to me through his comment). Now I’ve […]

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Real toString() method.

This code snippet helps to get the real insight of an object instead of returning ‘[object object]’ while tracing. Now I’ve completely rewritten it to take care of circular references, escaping quotes in Strings, and function references. Also I’ve created a “ActionScript” function to get the complete picture of […]

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MX: MovieClip-swapClip.

When we need to replace a movie clip on stage with another with a Linkage ID the following code will be useful.


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Correction to Object.toAS() version 2!

Ampre’s code has a bug in handling Array of strings (refer to my previous post). Since he is just enclosing the result of original Array.toString() with square backets it returns [a,b,10] when it is supposed to return [‘a’, ‘b’ ,10]. Just replacing his version of Array.prototype.toString with the following code […]

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Better Object-toAS() Code

As you all already know my Object.toAS() code does fail with circular references. Ampre has replied with the following code in prototype, which is sleeker and also can addresses the circular reference issue to some extent.

Here is that code

[UPDATE] included the ActionScript 3 version as well 🙂 It became lot more simpler […]

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XMLNode.transformTags() Source Code Released!

Wish you all very happy and prosperous New Year 2003! 🙂 Here is my tiny gift for the new year, transformTags basically allows you to add, remove, and modify tags in any valid XML.

You can take a look and download the source code from here!

For more usage examples take a look at […]

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Stripping HTML Tags using XML

There is a thread going on in flashcoders mailing list about how to stripp the HTML tags in the string. Here is my version to do the same using XML. It can be used to remove specific tags from the given string.

Even though we can use flash textField for this purpose (setting […]

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