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It is an Event handler; invoked when one of the text field scroll properties changes.

When the scroll properties can change?
Either when the text of the text field changes or when the size of the text field is altered.

It fires the onScroller event and updates the maxscroll, and maxhscroll properly when text is changed. […]

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Solution for skipping files from getting cached by Server and Browser

Cache is a place to store something more or less temporarily. Web pages we’ve visited are stored in our browser’s cache directory on our hard disk. Likewise, ISPs and Web Servers cache web pages which speeds up access times for users, as the page is being read from the cache memory […]

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Compiled components and Actionscript Viewer version 4

With Flash MX 2004 we can create and use Compiled components so source need not be distributed. It is good for many component developers because they need not worry about exposing their code. But when you produce your swf with the component, everything is byte code and can be translated […]

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New Version of ActionScript() function for improved AS Tracing.

I’ve completely re-written my ActionScript function. For those who are hearing about it for the first time ActionScript(Object, ‘name_of_the_variable’) – gets complete reusable actionscript string of the Object including circular references.

Now it takes care of special characters in properties and also shows null values properly
Now the actionscript produced is more readable. […]

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Flash MX 2004 JSFL Reference

While the Macromedia’s official documentation for JSFL(The Flash JavaScript API) is not yet released, Steve Webster has put in some effort and created a reference for JSFL. Thanks for your efforts Steve!

Have a look at it here!

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__bytecode__ and its use

Robin Debreuil mentioned about it in his nice new blog(Welcome Robin!) and further discussed in FlashCoders mailinglist.

Using __bytecode(“SomeByteCodeHere”); in your actionscript you can inject some bytecode into swf (It will be inserted at compile time).

It can be used to compactly represent some actionscript and hide the code behind in your FLA. But […]

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Intro to Flash MX 2004 User Group Session in Singapore

Lucian Beebe, Senior Product Manager for Flash is coming to Singapore for both the Launch of MX 2004 and this session.

Date: Friday 19, September 2003
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm (right after the launch of MX 2004)
Venue: Suntec City Convention Center
Price: Free

For more details and registration rush to Flash Move, […]

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Macromedia MX 2004 – Corporate Launch (Singapore)

Event Date: 19-09-2003
Start Time: 13:30
End Time: 17:30

New capabilities in Dreamweaver MX 2004, Flash MX 2004 & Fireworks MX 2004

Venue :
Suntec Convention Centre, Level 3, Auditorium

For more details and registration visit Macromedia website.

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Yet another way to generate reference documents

Philter has developed a parser to parse the flash doc style comments in your actionscript. Using his parser you can generate gModeler XML. You already know that gModeler can generate reference XML. Combining this two tools we are getting complete solution for free. On behalf of all the users let me […]

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New Open Source Socket Server for Flash

If you are building multiuser applications you might be interested in Oregano Multiuser Server, which was released last week. You can download it from www.oregano-server.org. It is completely free and Open Source and has an extensive feature set (automatic synchronization of data, integrated database connectivity, serialization of ActionScript […]

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