Another weblog from India

My friend Darshan Sawardekar (well known for his components) has come up with his blog. I can proudly say that I acted as a catalyst in this reaction ( see I’m remembering my good old chemical technology days !!!).

Also take a look at his Building Flash MX Components that don’t “PRE”-LOAD! tutorial. I saw […]

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Were Not Here?

What happened to Were-Here Forum? I’m not able access it.
If you know the reason please post it here in the comments.

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Syntax Highlighting ActionScript.

Creating html tags to color highlight actionscript will be very useful for flash related websites. I’m talking about this for long time. I’m still in the process of creating one with flash itself in my spare time. My current code takes more time to this highlighting. Still I’ve not given […]

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FUIComponentClass ActionScript Dictionary

FUIComponentClass is the base class of all of the Macromedia components. Understanding that will help you in building your own component.

Peter Hall has compiled a dictionary for it; you can take a loot at it here
[via: peterjoel blog]

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Flash Studio PRO 1.5 released

Flash Studio is a third party program for creating screen savers and applications out of projector files. The new pro version has some major additions.

The updates are massive and unique including enabling joystick control, running applications in hidden windows, and sending email directly from the projector file. A full list […]

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MIT Open Source Courseware!!

If you are interested in developing e-learning content you may find this link useful.
MIT is Open Sourcing some of its courses and course content.

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Pre-Alpha version of FCF Chat

Greg Burch and Mike Chambers are working on a new frame work for multiuser applications with Flash Communication Server.
You can see the pre-alpha version of their chat application here
[via:mesh on MX]

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Tooltip Component Demo by Stuart

Stuart has created a nice demo for Tooltip Component that comes with Flash UI Components Set 3
(Which is part of The Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit)
You can have a look at it Here

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Director projectors for Pocket PC!

Werner Sharp has just announced a public beta of the “Export to Pocket PC Xtra” for Director 8/8.5.
This Xtra will actually take your .DIR and convert it into eMbedded Visual C++ code that will then compile in the freely available eVC IDE from Microsoft. All your Lingo and cast members are converted […]

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The ‘Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript’ Book

Thanks to New Riders, today I received the most awaited book written by Branden Hall and Samuel Wan

You can get more info about this book here. I will post more about this book as and when I finish reading it.

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