Compiled components and Actionscript Viewer version 4

With Flash MX 2004 we can create and use Compiled components so source need not be distributed. It is good for many component developers because they need not worry about exposing their code. But when you produce your swf with the component, everything is byte code and can be translated […]

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__bytecode__ and its use

Robin Debreuil mentioned about it in his nice new blog(Welcome Robin!) and further discussed in FlashCoders mailinglist.

Using __bytecode(“SomeByteCodeHere”); in your actionscript you can inject some bytecode into swf (It will be inserted at compile time).

It can be used to compactly represent some actionscript and hide the code behind in your FLA. But […]

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XML Pre Processing for handling XML

When we want to handle external Html files as XML, say for example using my transformTags() code, we face the problem of unclosed tags like <br> tag. To fix this problem we can overwrite onData method of XML object as shown below. It basically replaces all <br> tags with <br/> before […]

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Macromedia Tips Library

I just noticed that Macromedia now has a Tips Library in the Designer & Developer Center, where we can share our favorite product tips.

Take a look and post your tips at

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Enabling Flash Links in Director

It’s time for Director again (time for Director MX in fact!). Somebody sent me a mail asking why the getURL functions which are supposed to open the links are failing when we embed the flash movie in director?

The reason is simple, both getURL and FSCommand are methods for flash to communicate to the container […]

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Corrupt Movieclip?

Yesterday I faced this problem.
When I imported a audio file into a movieclip of a heavy flash file, It imported the audio but it was truncated (the end portion of the audio is missing)

I even tried importing the audio into new flash file and drag and drop it in the library but still got […]

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Problem importing sound?

When our flash file becomes big and complex we often face this problem.
When we try to import the audio we get “One or more files were not imported because there were problems reading them” even when you are sure that the audio format is flash compatible.

Import the audio into a new blank flash file […]

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Dedicated Project Explorer

It is always better to keep all our current project files under projects folder in properly named sub folders particularly in a collaborative environment. Also you may be keeping your project files in a server. In such cases the following tip really helps!

You can create My Projects shortcut in the desktop. Which will open […]

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Reducing the file size of Your FLA file

If your flash project includes sound, import the audio as a MP3 file instead of Wave files (convert your wave files to mp3 in your audio editing software).
This not only helps to reduce the file size of your .fla file, also reduces the time taken to publish an swf file out of it. This […]

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