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While we all like AS3 for consistency, better performance and OOP, many of us hate it for its verbose nature. If you share this view, then you will find Short helpful in your day-to-day development tasks, be it an agency interactive or a complex application. Short attempts to reduce the verboseness of the language


PHP based REST API Server for your mobile/web/desktop clients. Quickly get your API server up and running by creating a PHP class with functions to expose as API and adding some JavaDoc style comments to map them to the URL scheme. This API will then be served in any of the protocols that the clients ask for based on the set of protocols that you have enabled.


Luracast Flexplorer is a .SWC explorer to quickly reference MXML properties of Flex 3, Flex 4 framework and custom flex components. It can be used to introspect a third party component library that has no documentation because it actually parses the SWC files and grabs the information from there