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[quote] Just deal with your business logic in php, restler will take care of the REST![/quote]
Turn your classes and its methods into an easily usable and better Web citizen with Restler.

  • A RESTful API server framework that is written in PHP that aids your mobile / web / desktop applications. A framework, but with a difference – Restler is all here to bend and mend to your needs
  • Writing Server made easy and light. With the light weight, Restler makes writing a server as easy as writing it with just 3 PHP files
  • Restler’s advantage is the simplicity. You can create a PHP class with some functions to expose.  If you know how to write object oriented PHP, then you already know how to use Restler. It’s action speaks for its effectiveness
  • Restler is all about being light and easy. All public methods are automatically mapped to a URL
  • Tailor-made Restler is known for the customization options. You just need to write class and add methods in PHP. It is just there!
  • Restler makes it effective and facilitates your customizing needs. It goes ahead to leverage your designing creativities. A plugin architecture is used
    • for supporting different formats like json, xml, yaml, amf, plist is used, which also means that you can add your own formats easily
    • for supporting different authentication schemes and you can add your own auth plugin
  • While designing your application, RESTful server makes use of the Web’s well known architecture to your benefit
  • You just need to simply declare the function as protected and add an authentication class
  • Most of all, an obvious benefit with Restler is, it is free and open sourced