Project Description

Restler 3.0

Just deal with your business logic in php, restler will take care of the REST!

Turn your classes and its methods into an easily usable and better Web citizen with Restler.

  • A RESTful API server framework that is written in PHP that aids your mobile / web / desktop applications. A framework, but with a difference – Restler is all here to bend and mend to your needs
  • Writing Server made easy and light. With the light weight, Restler makes writing a server as easy as writing it with just 3 PHP files
  • Restler’s advantage is the simplicity. You can create a PHP class with some functions to expose. If you know how to write object oriented PHP, then you already know how to use Restler. It’s action speaks for its effectiveness
  • Restler is all about being light and easy. All public methods are automatically mapped to a URL
  • Tailor-made Restler is known for the customization options. You just need to write class and add methods in PHP. It is just there!
  • Restler makes it effective and facilitates your customizing needs. It goes ahead to leverage your designing creativities. A plugin architecture is used
    • for supporting different formats like json, xml, yaml, amf, plist is used, which also means that you can add your own formats easily
    • for supporting different authentication schemes and you can add your own auth plugin
  • While designing your application, RESTful server makes use of the Web’s well known architecture to your benefit
  • You just need to simply declare the function as protected and add an authentication class
  • Most of all, an obvious benefit with Restler is, it is free and open sourced

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Supported Platforms

Webserver with Apache / Nginx / IIS / lighthttpd server with PHP 5 support on:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac platforms

Live Examples

All you need to Test Drive Restler is just your browser.  Here you can

  • Learn by the examples
  • Find the role of each PHP file in the making
  • Quick look at the PHP files involved
  • See growing number of examples that show case every aspect of using Restler

Launch Live Examples

Target Users

  • PHP PHP developers

Developers of the following technologies,  who need a RESTful API Server

  • Web ApplicationWeb Application developers
  • FlashAdobe Flash developers
  • AIRAdobe AIR developers
  • MobileMobile developers (Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, IOS etc.,)
  • DevicesDevices & Tablet developers (iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom etc.,)


  • Light weight
  • Flexible
  • Customizable
  • Supports HTTP request methods  GETPOSTPUT, and DELETE
  • Clients can use X-HTTP-Method-Override header
  • Two way format conversion
  • Pluggable Formatters
  • Comes with JSON, XML, YAML, AMF, and PLIST (both XML and Binary) formats
  • Pluggable Authentication schemes
  • Comes with Live Usage Examples
  • URL to Function mapping
  • URL part to Function parameter mapping
  • Supports URLEncoded format for simplified input
  • Query parameters to Function parameter mapping
  • Source code distributed under LGPL

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Bugs & Issues

  • Is Restler not working the way it should be?
  • Found a bug?
  • Having issues with Restler?

Please let us know through GitHub issue tracker.

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