Why haXe to SWC is important for Flex/Flash Developers?

I believe that haXe is the right platform for developing api's and code libraries. Why haXe? If you use just the haXe core libraries. HaXe Can compile to Javascript by generating a single.js file Can compile to Flash 6-8 by generating a single .swf file Can compile to...

Powerflasher FDT 3.O Review

FDT is an Eclipse based IDE for Actionscript coding. I heard about it a lot but never tried it on my own. When I came to know Nico Zimmerman is about to present in our FUG. I wanted to try it before that so that I can better understand the platform and raise any...

“Code Generation Techniques” – Presentation

Today I have presented on code generation techniques on the Singapore Flex User Group. Here are the important links for that presentation Eclipse Monkey Eclipse Monkey allows you to write scripts that run inside Eclipse and through DOMs are able to access and...

“Flex Production Techniques” – Presentation

Today I presented in the Flexcamp on Flex Production Techniques. I showcased ThumSUB for the very first time 🙂 Here are the slides for that presentation [slideshare id=913928&doc=flexproductiontechniques-1231869298036794-1&w=425]

New Administrator for web.apps forum!!

Robin Debreuil, the great man who wrote the book "Building Object Oriented Applications in Flash 5" (see the sample chapters here) is running a nice forum called web.apps forum. I'm very happy to announce that now I'm one of the administrators of that forum. Working...

Object.copyProperties(toObj, PropertyStr, exclude?)

When you need to copy only certain properties of one object to another object, this code will be useful. I've also given an example on how to use it. take a look at it here

Slow Server

I've noticed that this site sometimes becomes irritatingly slow or unavailable. Something should be wrong in the server. I've sent a mail to my ISP and waiting for their reply

Object to ActionScript Utility

Many times we need this! We create objects and arrays and modify them through code to get them as we want. Finally the object is ready but every time it is created using the same complex procedure when the SWF runs. This affects the performance to some extent. Also...

Syntax Highlighting ActionScript.

Creating html tags to color highlight actionscript will be very useful for flash related websites. I'm talking about this for long time. I'm still in the process of creating one with flash itself in my spare time. My current code takes more time to this highlighting....

Action Script section added!!

Today I've added ActionScript section, which provides syntax highlighted version of the action script snippets Download option for the .as files is also available Check it out at http://www.shockwave-india.com/blog/actionscript Color highlighting has minor bugs like...

The Developer's Paradise

What we do?

We build Tools, Utilities and Services for Web/Mobile/Application/Content Developers to ease and improve their productivity

Code generation is our core strength which helps us build good automation tools and services

Why Luracast?

Over the years we built many utilities to ease our own development efforts.

We realized with little polishing and finishing these tools will be useful for many more.

We could not do that along with our job commitments thus we founded Luracast and made it our job smile

Our Mission

We believe that we can simplify, automate, and improve the development process.

Acting on and proving this belief is our mission