Tips.PHP: A hidden gem in array_column

array_column can do much more than extracting a single column. Here is what you can do with array_column in PHP

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Tips.PHP: Removing empty strings, NULL, FALSE, and negative numbers from Array

Often we need to remove empty elements from our array. For example when we split a string with space, we can get the words and also blank strings when there are two or more spaces put together.

We can use array_filter function for rescue. When we call array_filter with out passing the filter function it […]

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Tips.PHP: Securing ViewSource.php

I’m in the process of creating Usage examples for the brand new version of RESTler. Take a look at the work in progress version here (I would love to hear your thoughts). One of the nice features in that is the ability to see the source code.
I’m using a getsource.php which will return the […]

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Why haXe to SWC is important for Flex/Flash Developers?

I believe that haXe is the right platform for developing api’s and code libraries.

Why haXe?

If you use just the haXe core libraries.


Can compile to Javascript by generating a single.js file
Can compile to Flash 6-8 by generating a single .swf file
Can compile to Flash 9-10 / Tamarin by generating a single .swf file

generate optimized integer arithmetic
autocast when reading […]

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Powerflasher FDT 3.O Review

FDT is an Eclipse based IDE for Actionscript coding. I heard about it a lot but never tried it on my own. When I came to know Nico Zimmerman is about to present in our FUG. I wanted to try it before that so that I can better understand the platform and raise […]

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“Code Generation Techniques” – Presentation

Today I have presented on code generation techniques on the Singapore Flex User Group.

Here are the important links for that presentation

Eclipse Monkey
Eclipse Monkey allows you to write scripts that run inside Eclipse and through DOMs are able to access and control(script) parts of the Eclipse Platform.

Eclipse Monkey Scripting Information
Eclipse Monkey Exchange

Action Script 3 – […]

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“Flex Production Techniques” – Presentation

Today I presented in the Flexcamp on Flex Production Techniques. I showcased ThumSUB for the very first time 🙂

Here are the slides for that presentation
[slideshare id=913928&doc=flexproductiontechniques-1231869298036794-1&w=425]

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Webcam Motion Detection using AS3.

Some time back Guy Watson wrote an article in the developer center called Webcam Motion Detection: Using the BitmapData API in Flash 8. He later made a better version of it and included that source in the zip file. I went through that code and completely rewrote it in ActionScript 3. Here […]

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Aral Balkan on Application Development & Architecture for the Flash Platform.

3dsense Media School people have brought in Aral Balkan to Singapore. He will be giving us a speech coming Sunday. Look at for more details. Even if you haven’t registered for the event, do come over. On the spot registration will be available, and I will also be there 🙂

Thanks to […]

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Background becomes black when defining depthColors style for Tree Component.

It used to work fine before (in Flex 2.0). Now with Flex 2.0.1, it renders as shown below when we define depthColors attribute for Tree Component

If I find any workaround I will update this post. If you know a workaround please post it as a comment

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