3dsense Media School people have brought in Aral Balkan to Singapore. He will be giving us a speech coming Sunday. Look at http://pixelreloaded.com/ for more details. Even if you haven’t registered for the event, do come over. On the spot registration will be available, and I will also be there 🙂

Thanks to 3dsense guys, I met with Aral Balkan and we talked a lot. It was great talking to Aral and I look forward to talk more. We both were given a chance to know about the activities of 3dsense Media School. They are passion driven people and really addicted to their field. Seeing the 3D animation of their students tempts me to jump back to 3D animation 😉

I’m happy that they will also be focusing on flash, and will be bringing in more international flash experts like Aral to speak to us.