Sending Arrays with offset Index.

Last time we saw the problem with sending ActionScipt 3 Associative Array. Now we let us see where associative arrays can help.
Lets Make an Array with offset index in PHP:

$arr =array(5=>5);

in ActionScript:

var arr:Array= [];

Sending these arrays either way they go with the missing indices filled with null, so the PHP array comes to flash […]

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Introducing ObjectStore.

What is ObjectStore?
Object Store is a service for creating, managing and accessing objects on the server. It is a light weight alternative to keeping XML data on the server.

How do we compare ObjectStore with RemoteSharedObject?
ObjectStore is similar to RemoteSharedObject in terms of storing data on the server, but ObjectStore does not […]

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Service Browser does not handle method table ‘arguments’ metadata defined as key value pairs.

While defining the method table for my ObjectStore service I noticed it. Those who use the JavaDoc style comments to generate the method table may never notice this issue.

Arguments metadata can be defined as an array of strings (as created by javadoc comments) or array of array which contains argument name as the […]

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