XML Shortcuts V2.2 MTASC Edition released

Now XMLShortcuts meets MTASC 🙂

I received many requests to make XMLShortcuts available for MTASC (Motion Twin Action Script Compiler). I could not do it with my busy schedule so far, but finally here it is

Download package consists of XMLShortcuts.as, an example and help files

iframe {
background-color: #ffffff;
border: 5px solid #D4D0C8;


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XML Shortcuts V2.2 released.

Release Notes
Version 2.2 is a minor update for fixing a bug and performance fine tuning.

Revision History
Version 2.1

Fixed the following issues.
– Both Pro and Lite versions create an unwanted variable ‘s’ in _level0
– In Pro, even after loading another XML. Some of the shortcuts still point to the old nodes.

Version 2.2

Performance improvement in Pro component

You […]

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Improved version of Flash Remoting Helper component

I’ve improved the component and now it has the following additional features / improvements.

New Features:

There is no limitation for the number of parameters.
Now you can optionally specify the name of the array to use as the parameters of the remote function (for dynamic values and also for using other data types than […]

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Remoting Helper Component

Many Java, .NET and Coldfusion MX developers are now jumping into Flash Remoting. The problem they face when they are not much familiar with actionsript is in testing their server side remoting script. Every time they have to go to the flash developer for testing.

To solve this problem I’ve developed a […]

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Change Case

Yesterday after finishing the change case ActionScript for flash, I thought why not to port it as an extension for dreamweaver?

Because Dreamweaver supports javascript for extensibility which is also an ECMA script like ActionScript.

After some search, I found an article written by Bob Berry on “Creating a simple Commands extension for Dreamweaver” in […]

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