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Webcam Motion Detection using AS3.

Some time back Guy Watson wrote an article in the developer center called Webcam Motion Detection: Using the BitmapData API in Flash 8. He later made a better version of it and included that source in the zip file. I went through that code and completely rewrote it in ActionScript 3. Here […]

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Webcam Motion Detection using AS3 – Source Released.

I rewrote the webcam motion detection example in Actionscript3 using Flash 9 Alpha. You can see the demo here.

As I promised earlier the FLA is ready for download here 🙂

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How to load data from a remote URL?

I found that the DataLoadingTest class given in Adobe Labs ActionScript 3 Resources site was buggy and did not work. I’ve corrected the file myself and made it work. Here is the working code 🙂


You can download the file from here.

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Porting XMLHighlighter class to ActionScript 3.

XMLHighlighter generates color highlighted pretty printed HTML code for the given XML document, I have ported it from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3.

Here is what I learned during the process

XML object in ActionScript 3 is different (It is ECMAScript for XML (E4X)).
For backward compatibility we have XMLDocument class which is equalent […]

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