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Porting Flash MX 2004 Help Panel to the Web

It all started like this. I’ve created a Flash MX 04 component, with proper documentation. When I wanted to talk about that component on the web, I had to re-format the help document to put it on the web.

Then I decided to make a flash page that renders the table of contents […]

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XML Shortcuts V2 released

Here you can download the second version of XMLShortcuts component which helps to access XMLNodes easily. Refer to Online Help document below for more info


iframe {
background-color: #ffffff;
border: 5px solid #D4D0C8;

<a href=”/HelpPanel/?target=XMLShortcuts” target=”_blank”>XMLShortcuts Online Help</a>

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Comparing components version 1 and 2: PushButton

The purpose of showing this is two fold. One is to show difference in the properties and methods exposed by the Push Button component in V1 and V2. Second is to show case how easy and useful it is to use my ActionScript() function to see what’s inside a component.

I just dragged and dropped […]

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Creating a Talking Application in Flash

Here I will show how to create a light weight talking application in flash. It is one of the Examples I showed in the Singapore User Group Session.

Our task is fairly simple,

Creating an audio file (preferably MP3) with all the words we want our application to speak.
Using that audio in a movieclip […]

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