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Background becomes black when defining depthColors style for Tree Component.

It used to work fine before (in Flex 2.0). Now with Flex 2.0.1, it renders as shown below when we define depthColors attribute for Tree Component

If I find any workaround I will update this post. If you know a workaround please post it as a comment

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Enabling Run Mode Trace in Flex Builder 2.

As you know trace messages are shown only in Debug Mode in Flex Builder. You can follow the steps shown below to see the trace output in Flex Builder all the time.

Open Window > Preferences… menu

Select General > Editors > File Associations in the Tree

Add *.swf as the New File Type

Select […]

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Trace from anywhere, a Flex based Tracer Panel.

Here is an Flex application that generates mm.cfg according to your OS (XP, Vista, Mac)and shows the standard trace() outputs in real time (well! there is a slight delay). I love to replicate the features of the IDE using Flash itself. It all started with my flash 6 reference panel made […]

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Building a XML Editor using Flex 2.

I’m making a XML Editor which can help playing around with E4X and manipulate the XML. Which will be hosted as an online service here and will also be available as a Apollo application later.

Here is the alpha version of it. I welcome feature requests and suggestions, kindly post them as […]

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MXML Quick Reference.

Here is a Flex 2 application which helps to quickly refer to MXML tags and and its attributes. I have plans to integrate it with the Flex 2 SDK help files and make it an Apollo application. I will improve it further and make it available here as online service

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Adding an icon to all items in the List Component.

List component does not have a default icon. Easy way to add one is to add a Icon function which is very similar to the one we use with Flash v2 components. Only difference is instead of string we need to return a class reference to the image

Now we can point […]

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Designing a Search Field .

Utilizing the available application space effectively is one of the important things we need to consider when designing an user interface. Olden search interfaces had two parts text input field and a search button. Then the “search”/”find”/”go” text is replaced with a lens icon. Now a days this lens icon […]

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Setting up Flex 2 SDK on Fedora Core 6 – Part 1 – Installing Flash Player 9.

This Visual Guide can help an average windows user to setup flex 2 SDK and start building flex applications in the Linux platform. Part 1 shows how to install both standalone and plugin version of the flash 9 player.

Stay tuned for more

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Enhancing the Blog Reader Example.

In the Live docs you might have read about Retrieve and Display Data. Here I’ve enhanced the same MXML by the following

The LinkButton hidden until the datagrid change event is fired.
Enabled the Data Tips for ‘Posts’ column to show tool tips text on roll over.
Made it a scalable layout by using constraint-based layout.

Here is […]

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