Enabling Run Mode Trace in Flex Builder 2.

As you know trace messages are shown only in Debug Mode in Flex Builder. You can follow the steps shown below to see the trace output in Flex Builder all the time.

Open Window > Preferences… menu

Select General > Editors > File Associations in the Tree

Add *.swf as the New File Type

Select […]

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Trace from anywhere, a Flex based Tracer Panel.

Here is an Flex application that generates mm.cfg according to your OS (XP, Vista, Mac)and shows the standard trace() outputs in real time (well! there is a slight delay). I love to replicate the features of the IDE using Flash itself. It all started with my flash 6 reference panel made […]

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ColorSyntax Extractor now generates XML for Flash based Syntax Highlighter .

I’ve modified my Color Syntax Extractor to include XML for Igor’s Flash Syntax Highlighter,
which is a flash based synctax highlighter for actionscript.

You can download the tool from here! [0.9mb]

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Actionscript Syntax Highlighting with SE|PY Editor v.

SE|PY has become my favorite actionscript editor these days.

It’s default color highlighting scheme is very different from Flash IDE. So I’ve modified it to syntax highlight similar to my actionscript highlighting service 2 and exported the settings using File > Import/Export > Export Settings for your convenience. You may download SEPY_ColorStyle.tar.gz and import […]

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Actionscript Syntax Highlighting with SE|PY Editor v.0.9.

Many of you might already be using SE|PY a very special open source actionscript editor available for free. We have to really thank Alessandro Crugnola & Team for all their efforts for giving us such a wonderful tool.

Long back I’ve downloaded a early version of SE|PY it used to take time to […]

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Improved Actionscript Syntax Highlighting with SciTE|Flash

Long back I’ve posted a file to replace the one in the SciTEFlash folder to get syntax highlighting as in Flash MX.

After getting this tip from hOK’s blog I’ve added the following line


To get String highlighting for characters inside single quotes . You can download it from here

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Actionscript Syntax Highlighting with SciTE|Flash

Many of you might already know how handy it is to edit ActionScript with SciTE|Flash, for those who do not know SciTE|Flash is a text editor from BomberStudios for editing ActionScript, free download is available in their website.

One of the nice features which attracted me is exporting the script as HTML […]

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