• Reference/Introspection tool which comes with in-built support for Flex Frameworks.
  • We can see the list of components in the flex framework, by clicking on the component we can see all the methods, properties, styles, effects, and events supported by the component and their default values.
  • We can drill down further by clicking on the specific property to see more details including inheritance
  • Filtering is enabled through a series of buttons and a search bar which quickly allows to narrow down what we are looking for. It supports the smart camelCase searching which reduces the typing effort
  • camelCase navigation is also supported to quickly jump to a property
  • It can open any flex component library (& soon flash libraries too) packaged as a .swc file and show all the components inside making it a handy tool to quickly check the api of third party swc files
  • Unlike other help utilities, it actually goes through the compiled code and builds the reference information so it will work even when no help/documentation is provided by the developer