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Screenweaver MX Beta 3 is released

The current Flash player is primarily used to display Flash content that was initially created for the web. Screenweaver is an extension to the Flash player that aims at providing Flash developers with a toolset to produce rich media desktop applications. By doing so it enables the developer to apply their existing […]

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Enabling Flash Links in Director

It’s time for Director again (time for Director MX in fact!). Somebody sent me a mail asking why the getURL functions which are supposed to open the links are failing when we embed the flash movie in director?

The reason is simple, both getURL and FSCommand are methods for flash to communicate to the container […]

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Server Side ActionScript in ColdFusion MX vs JRun

Both JRun and ColdFusion MX support Server Side ActionScript, but there is a difference.

In ColdFusion there is an Object called CF with two exposed methods query and http. Using CF.query we can retrieve data from the database by executing SQL query.

There is no such object in JRun. 🙁

I came to know about this […]

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Yet Another Action Script Highlighter

Cyberfunk (Flash-tools) has come out with his own actionscript highlighter in Perl.
He calls it PASH (Perl Action Script Highlighter) and it is also available for download. You can read more on his site.

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DRK Message Board Data Grid Sample Errata

Creating a custom cell symbol for datagrid is very easy. Every cell gets a function, setValue and setSize. When the grid is built, resized or value is changed, these functions will be called.

Message Board is a datagrid sample application that comes with the The Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit in which you […]

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Creating Dynamic Chart with Flash Charting Components.

Here is the dynamic chart example from my Singapore User group Seminar.

Drag and drop a Pie Chart component, name it myPieChart and increase the span to 2 frames in the time line
Add another layer on top and create a shape in the same color as the chart to hide it in the first […]

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I’m back

Thanks to all my well wishers. Now I’m alright and back to work. I will start posting the seminar examples one by one as and when I find time. (I have to cleanup the code before doing it)

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DataGrid Component Example.

Finally I received the Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit today!
I’m right now playing with the DataGrid component.

The following example is just to show how simple it is to use the data grid component. I’ve created it by

dragging and dropping a data grid component and naming it as my_dg.
adding a dynamic text box and […]

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Not Feeling Well

Last Saturday suddenly I’ve fainted and after that I had little blurred vision for 2 days and having head ache till now. 🙁

I didn’t take it seriously, but my family forced me to take a medical test. So I’ve undergone the tests including X-ray. I’ve been told to take rest for 2 […]

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Change Case

Yesterday after finishing the change case ActionScript for flash, I thought why not to port it as an extension for dreamweaver?

Because Dreamweaver supports javascript for extensibility which is also an ECMA script like ActionScript.

After some search, I found an article written by Bob Berry on “Creating a simple Commands extension for Dreamweaver” in […]

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