Monthly Archives: February 2003

I will be back soon!

You might have noticed the lack of posts in my blog. It is because I came to india for my sister’s marriage. 🙂
Another good news is I will bring my wife when I’m back to Singapore.
I missed her for about an year. (she was in India while I was in Singapore)

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New Quickviewer Section added

After little improvement, my quick blog viewer application now available as a new section in my blog, take a look at it here.

It is not yet complete as per my plan. I will keep on improving it 😉

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RSS XML Feed Improved

I’ve just updated my blog’s rss feed from RSS 0.91 to RSS2.0.

I used Userland’s RSS 2.0 documentation as the guidelines for doing the change. Now that I included pubDate, guid, and comments tags It will be lot more easier for aggregating. 🙂

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