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XML Shortcuts V2 approved by Macromedia.

XML Shortcuts component is tested and approved by Macromedia. Now you can download it from Macromedia Exchange

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Porting Flash MX 2004 Help Panel to the Web

It all started like this. I’ve created a Flash MX 04 component, with proper documentation. When I wanted to talk about that component on the web, I had to re-format the help document to put it on the web.

Then I decided to make a flash page that renders the table of contents […]

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XML Shortcuts V2 released

Here you can download the second version of XMLShortcuts component which helps to access XMLNodes easily. Refer to Online Help document below for more info


iframe {
background-color: #ffffff;
border: 5px solid #D4D0C8;

<a href=”/HelpPanel/?target=XMLShortcuts” target=”_blank”>XMLShortcuts Online Help</a>

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