Free SWF to XAML Converter.

This should interest any one who wants to get into WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). What interests me is Michael Swanson’s interview in which he explains SWF file format internals.

My ‘Core 2 Duo’/Dell Story.

About six months back I bought a dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with 17″ Wide-Aspect screen with the resolution 1920×1200, 2GB Ram, 2GHz Core Duo Processor with complete cover for one year. I felt the power of it and was very happy. Not even a month had passed,... moved to another server.

Last week I moved the site to another server. During this time I’ve lost few comments added to the blog, and also some emails. If any of you sent a mail to me or left a comment and couldn’t find it there, please send it again. Sorry for the...