Enabling Flash Links in Director

It’s time for Director again (time for Director MX in fact!). Somebody sent me a mail asking why the getURL functions which are supposed to open the links are failing when we embed the flash movie in director?

The reason is simple, both getURL and FSCommand are methods for flash to communicate to the container application. When we embed the flash file in a HTML page Flash plugin for the Browser is the container which receives and executes this commands. But when we embed the swf in Director, it becomes the container which doesn’t know how to handle the requests. That’s why it fails, we can write the following lingo as a moviescript to solve the problem.

on getURL(me,url,target)
   gotoNetPage url,target

Then the next problem is your flash buttons will not change the cursor. Use the following lingo as a behavior attached to the flash sprites for the rescue

on mouseWithin me
     if sprite(the currentSpriteNum).hitTest(the mouseLoc) = #button then

       cursor 280
       cursor -1
     end if
on mouseLeave me
     cursor -1


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