Rendering HTML in FlashMX

Rendering of HTML text in browsers and flash text box is different in the fact that; spaces, tabs and line brakes are ignored in browsers but are rendered in flash text box. I faced this problem in my reference panel application and wrote the following script as a...

Flash Remoting with PHP

Nik has come out with a solution for flash remoting with PHP. I haven’t got time to test it. Check it out your self at his website.

Another weblog from India

My friend Darshan Sawardekar (well known for his components) has come up with his blog. I can proudly say that I acted as a catalyst in this reaction ( see I’m remembering my good old chemical technology days !!!). Also take a look at his Building Flash MX...

Improved Reference Panel Application in Flash.

I’m updating my reference panel application. I’ve made some minor improvements in the look and feel and now it sorts the entries alphabetically. Still lot more to be done 🙂 Also I’m planning to create an editor/viewer for reference...

Link in Quasimondo

I saw this through my referrer list. Now Arul’s blog is listed under Flash Blogs & News section in Quasimondo!!! Mario Klingemann is the first person to give a link to my blog 🙂 Thanks Mario