Big Hit today!

My Blog use to get around 50 page views/day. After FullasaGoog started syndicating my blog it became 100+ But today suddenly it jumped above 500 !!! 🙂 Thanks to Waldo Smeets and Guy Watson for mentioning me in their blog.

Reference Viewer Tutorials, on the Way!

Many people asked me for the source of my reference viewer. It is just functional; I’ve not optimized the code yet. So, as I progress in doing that will also write articles on how I’ve done that.

Reference XML Viewer Pre Alpha Release!

I can not hold it with in myself any more!!! I’m almost done with the reference viewer. This will be useful for testing your reference documents. This pre alpha version supports “see also” type of cross reference links too 🙂 ( see the...

Full as a Goog now syndicates Arul’s Blog!!!

I sent a mail asking them to check my blog on Saturday. Wow!!! They are so prompt that Sunday I can see my blog there. 🙂 I know my RSS XML is missing few data like date and time, even then they are able to make it. I’m very happy about it, for me it is a big...

ActionScript Highlighting Service

Flash community is very powerful and active around the word. There are many experts from all parts of the world to serve this community As a tiny element of this community what best I can do from my side? After a long thinking I’ve decided to serve the people...