Yesterday after finishing the change case ActionScript for flash, I thought why not to port it as an extension for dreamweaver?

Because Dreamweaver supports javascript for extensibility which is also an ECMA script like ActionScript.

After some search, I found an article written by Bob Berry on “Creating a simple Commands extension for Dreamweaver” in which he expanined how to create change case command which can convert strings to either uppercase or lowercase.

Also Hawa Edelstein already created an extension for the same.

Based on these two codes and my “Title Case”, “Sentense Case” and “Toggle Case” code, I’ve come up with this extension which can change the case of selected text to one of the following,

  • Sentence case – Capitalizes the first letter of the word in the selected sentences.
  • Lowercase – Changes all selected text to lowercase letters.
  • Uppercase – Changes all selected text to capital letters.
  • Title Case – Capitalizes the first letter of each word in the selection
  • tOGGLE cASE – Changes all uppercase letters to lowercase in the selection and vice versa.

You can download and try it your self from here. It is still a BETA version only, if you find any bugs please post it in the comments.