Many Java, .NET and Coldfusion MX developers are now jumping into Flash Remoting. The problem they face when they are not much familiar with actionsript is in testing their server side remoting script. Every time they have to go to the flash developer for testing.

To solve this problem I’ve developed a component called RemotingHelper which allows you to define the GatewayUrl, name of the remoting Service to connect to, remote Function to call and Parameters to pass to that function using the Component Parameters. You can download the component from here

It has to be used along with the NetConnection Debugger (Menu : Window > NetConnection Debugger) that comes with Flash Remoting components.

Known limitations:

  • You can only pass Strings and Numbers to the remote function other object types are not supported
  • It can only take a maximum of 10 parameters


  • Drag and drop RemotingHelper component from the components window and set the properties
  • Open the NetConnection Debugger from the Window menu.
  • Test the Movie and see the NetConnection Debugger window for the events.