Yet another transformTags() example.
You all know that links in flash text won’t highlight with blue color and underline as it does in browser. If you want to highlight all the links in your dynamic text box you may use the following object as the format object to transformTags to achieve the results as shown below.

[cc lang=”actionscript3″]/* /* ************************************************************ Developed by R.Arul Kumaran [[email protected]] for more code keep visiting [] ************************************************************ */ #include “” my_xml = new XML(“URL for my Blog“); fObj = {}; fObj.a = function(node) { var aList = “”; var attrib = node.attributes; for (i in attrib) { aList += ” “+i.toLowerCase()+”=””+attrib[i]+”””; } var tag = {}; tag.start = ““; tag.end = ““; return tag; }; //change all ‘a’ tag to a combination of font,u,a tags to highlight trace(my_xml.transformTags(fObj,true)); /* traces ‘URL for my Blog

*/ [/cc]