It is an Event handler; invoked when one of the text field scroll properties changes.

When the scroll properties can change?
Either when the text of the text field changes or when the size of the text field is altered.

It fires the onScroller event and updates the maxscroll, and maxhscroll properly when text is changed. But when we dynamically change the size (using _width, and _height) It is not getting updated correctly and fires an event only on the second resize with the value of the first resize

Play with the following test application to see this bug yourself

Also you may download the FLA for further testing

How do we fix this problem?
If it is plain text(html=false), after resizing the text field we can set ‘my_txt.text = my_txt.text’ to fire the event and update the values but ‘my_txt.htmlText = my_txt.htmlText’ with a html text filed doesn’t change anything. In this case you may either assign a variable to the text field and use ‘myvar = myvar’ or the technique shown below to trigger the event

Content goes here

var x= my_txt.htmlText;