Many of you might already be using SE|PY a very special open source actionscript editor available for free. We have to really thank Alessandro Crugnola & Team for all their efforts for giving us such a wonderful tool.

Long back I’ve downloaded a early version of SE|PY it used to take time to launch and open a command prompt before launching the Editor which made me to ignore this tool. Now it evolved/improved a lot and has very attractive features.

It’s default color highlighting scheme is very different from Flash IDE. So I’ve modified it and made my own file to color highlight similar to my actionscript highlighting service2. The images below shows the before and after implementing my file. You may download the file from here and replace the original file kept inside the data folder of your SE|PY installation directory.

Another advantage is you can use the Print HTML option is SEPY to create the syntax highlighted actionscript instead of using my actionscript highlighting service2

Actionscript Syntax Actionscript Syntax