I’m already working on version 2 of this XMLNode easy access component.

It will give better performance than the previous version. It will have two components, XMLShortcuts Lite and XMLShortcuts Pro. Both provide the same functionality.

XMLShortcuts Lite is optimized for file size & memory, it is recommended for Small Projects.

XMLShortcuts Pro is optimized for processor & performance, recommended for medium and large projects

What else is new?
1) __text – now it can be used for easily adding text nodes. for example

var my_xml=new XML('<a/>');

2) nodeIndex – unique node index for the node with a unique name in the order of appearance in the xml. for example

var my_xml=new XML('<x><a id="1"/><a id="2"/><a id="3"/><a id="4"/></x>');
//<a id="4" />

It will be great if some one can take initiative to do performance test on both