What is ObjectStore?
Object Store is a service for creating, managing and accessing objects on the server. It is a light weight alternative to keeping XML data on the server.

How do we compare ObjectStore with RemoteSharedObject?
ObjectStore is similar to RemoteSharedObject in terms of storing data on the server, but ObjectStore does not poll (automatically refresh) data and does not fire events on change, although this can be achieved by writing your own Actionscript.

Do we need AMFPHP to use ObjectStore?
AMFPHP is needed only when you need to send and receive the data from flash through remoting, All the data access api is available to PHP.

What are the data types supported by ObjectStore?
following data types are supported

PHP ActionScript
boolean Boolean
integer Number
float/double Number
string String
NULL null
(index based)
associate array
(key based)

How do we access data in ObjectStore?
you can access object using a combination of file path and object path, say for example “myfolder/subfolder/myobject.childobject.property” (‘/’ is used to indicate the folders and ‘.’ is used to indicate the objects) here “myfolder/subfolder/myobject” is the file path and “childobject.property” is the object path.

I’m planning to create a new object, which one should I prefer to use file path or object path?
consider file paths like the name spaces in as2 / package in as3. Use them to avoid name clashes and to organize your objects wisely. object path is the actual object structure which can be compared to properties of the classes in Actionscript. Lengthy object path is going to result in bigger object files on the server, so try to keep it as file path as whenever possible.

Where can I get ObjectStore?
You will be able to download ObjectStore from my blog soon, keep watching this blog for more updates 🙂

How much it costs?
It will be free for both noncommercial and commercial use.

more info to follow…