List component does not have a default icon. Easy way to add one is to add a Icon function which is very similar to the one we use with Flash v2 components. Only difference is instead of string we need to return a class reference to the image

[Embed (source = 'res/image_link.png')]
 public var image_ico : Class;
 private function ImageLabelFunction(item:Object):Class{
  return image_ico;

Now we can point the iconFunction attribute to this function as shown below

[cc lang=”actionscript3″]


<mx:List width="100%" rowHeight="18" height="80" themeColor="#A9B4CB" iconFunction="ImageLabelFunction">
  <mx:String>Image 1</mx:String>
  <mx:String>Image 2</mx:String>
  <mx:String>Image 3</mx:String>


Which results in List Component with a default Icon