Now on Linux Server

Finally I changed my ISP. I had problems with my previous ISP, they often go offline for about a weeks time without notice 🙁

Since I’ve shifted to Linux now all my links are case sensitive. If you find any broken link or missing swf please add a comment here I will […]

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Getting Older…

Today is my Birthday! Not much of celebrations. This time my wife is with me that is the difference.
As many people do, I’m also thinking of taking resolutions. I will be more focused in choosing my field. Also I will dedicate some of my time to keep this blog updated frequently.

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Team Macromedia Volunteer!

Last year I was selected as a Team Macromedia Volunteer for Flash. But I kept quiet waiting for my profile to be featured in Macromedia site.

Today my name is included in the list and my profile is also featured on the Macromedia site. Let me share the joy with you all 🙂

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I will be back soon!

You might have noticed the lack of posts in my blog. It is because I came to india for my sister’s marriage. 🙂
Another good news is I will bring my wife when I’m back to Singapore.
I missed her for about an year. (she was in India while I was in Singapore)

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New Quickviewer Section added

After little improvement, my quick blog viewer application now available as a new section in my blog, take a look at it here.

It is not yet complete as per my plan. I will keep on improving it 😉

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RSS XML Feed Improved

I’ve just updated my blog’s rss feed from RSS 0.91 to RSS2.0.

I used Userland’s RSS 2.0 documentation as the guidelines for doing the change. Now that I included pubDate, guid, and comments tags It will be lot more easier for aggregating. 🙂

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Quick Blog Viewer Alpha for My Blog

Browsing my blog should be lot more easier with this. Here is the alpha version of my Quick Blog Viewer. Since the day one I’m thinking about creating a flash based easy to use interface for quick overview of my entire blog, only today I’m able to come up with […]

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I’m Back Again!

Due to some problem with ISP this blog was down for about a weeks time. Now that problem is solved so I’m back again. 🙂

Because of my new job the frequency of update will be less for a while but you can be sure that I will continue to serve as I did […]

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Arul’s Blog now syndicated in FLOG

Today flog started syndicating my blog. Thanks to David Humphreys, now my blog has more wider coverage.

Also I’ve noticed that goggle ranking for the blog page is jumped from 4 to 7 (when I started this blog 4 months back it was only 3). Links given in MoiK78 Blog and onRelease() […]

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I’m back

Thanks to all my well wishers. Now I’m alright and back to work. I will start posting the seminar examples one by one as and when I find time. (I have to cleanup the code before doing it)

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