My ‘Core 2 Duo’/Dell Story.

About six months back I bought a dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with 17″ Wide-Aspect screen with the resolution 1920×1200, 2GB Ram, 2GHz Core Duo Processor with complete cover for one year. I felt the power of it and was very happy.

Not even a month had passed, suddenly the display failed.
I […]

By |November 29th, 2006|Arul's Blog, Blog, Update|0 Comments moved to another server.

Last week I moved the site to another server. During this time I’ve lost few comments added to the blog, and also some emails. If any of you sent a mail to me or left a comment and couldn’t find it there, please send it again. Sorry for the trouble

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Added a new section – ActionScript2.

To better organize my blog, I’ve added a new section called actionscript2, all the AS2 class files will be placed here for download.
I will also convert some of my as1 functions into as2 class files and place them here

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Quick Blog Viewer version 3.0 released.

I’m very happy to launch Quick Blog Viewer version 3.0, It is Mail Client kind of interface for my blog.

It is also a show case of what we can do in flash using XML, localSharedObject, Flash MX 04 Components, and CellRenderer API. Have a look and Kindly pass on your comments.

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I’m back again.

I always thought I will be more productive (on my blog) when I’m alone. But I’m wrong this time. I couldn’t do much when my family was away. Now they are back and I’m also back in this blog 🙂

Meanwhile my comment boxes were spamed. So I’ve disabled them. What ever […]

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I’m back with a Good News.

Wondering why this blog is in-active for months?

I went to India and became a father last month. My son named ‘Tamizh Iniyan’ was born on 7th April, I was there the whole month really enjoying my stay with him. I came back to Singapore alone on 10th of this month. My […]

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ActionScript Highlighter Version 2 Released!

Hi Everyone! I’m happy to announce the launch of Actionscipt highligther v2.

I’ve fixed many of bugs in the previous version (hope I fixed all). Now this new version fully supports Actionscript 2.0 and uses CSS styles to color the keywords so you can easily change it to your favorite colors. […]

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Links disabled in guest book due to porno links by spammers

I lately noticed that some of the spammers started putting dummy comments with a link to a porno site in my guest book. It is very hard to track because some of the site names does not relate to s-e-x. To avoid such problems I’ve disabled showing links on my guest […]

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Bi-Lingual Guest book version 2

I’ve released the second version of my Tamil & English Guestbook. Many people asked me what is so special in enabling Tamil typing using flash. It is basically a transliteration engine that works in the background to convert typed english character to their equivalent Tamil words. Say for example typing […]

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Now Linked in Macromedia XML News Aggregator (MXNA)

Many of you already know that Macromedia started running an aggregator. It is up and running syndicating many cool blogs including mine. If you haven’t had a chance, have a look at MXNA now!

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