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Easy way to highlight the links in flash dynamic text

Yet another transformTags() example.
You all know that links in flash text won’t highlight with blue color and underline as it does in browser. If you want to highlight all the links in your dynamic text box you may use the following object as the format object to transformTags to achieve the […]

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Creating X-HTML using Flash MX Text box.

Further extending my strippTags code I came up with transformTags code to modify the tags in an xml object which is very useful for many different purposes. One of which I’m demonstrating here.

basic syntax is
XMLNode.transformTags(formatObject, AllowTagsByDefault)
formatObject – generic Object which contains the info on how to modify the tags.
AllowTagsByDefault – boolean value which specifies […]

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Improved version of Flash Remoting Helper component

I’ve improved the component and now it has the following additional features / improvements.

New Features:

There is no limitation for the number of parameters.
Now you can optionally specify the name of the array to use as the parameters of the remote function (for dynamic values and also for using other data types than […]

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Using CF.query with ServerSide ActionScript in JRun

Many of you already aware that CF.query method is available for ServerSide ActionScript only in Coldfusion to query a database. There is no such object available in JRun 4.0.

Tom Muck created an object for JRun 4 ServerSide ActionScript that adds a CF.query() method to SSAS. He has given example of how […]

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Remoting Helper Component

Many Java, .NET and Coldfusion MX developers are now jumping into Flash Remoting. The problem they face when they are not much familiar with actionsript is in testing their server side remoting script. Every time they have to go to the flash developer for testing.

To solve this problem I’ve developed a […]

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Stripping HTML Tags using XML

There is a thread going on in flashcoders mailing list about how to stripp the HTML tags in the string. Here is my version to do the same using XML. It can be used to remove specific tags from the given string.

Even though we can use flash textField for this purpose (setting […]

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New Public Flash Player is released

After a big round of beta testing public version is now released. Also it is the first Flash 6 Player for Linux with full support for Remoting, Video playback, and Flash Communication server. You can download the updated version here.

[via:Mesh on MX]

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Arul’s Blog now syndicated in FLOG

Today flog started syndicating my blog. Thanks to David Humphreys, now my blog has more wider coverage.

Also I’ve noticed that goggle ranking for the blog page is jumped from 4 to 7 (when I started this blog 4 months back it was only 3). Links given in MoiK78 Blog and onRelease() […]

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Macromedia Tips Library

I just noticed that Macromedia now has a Tips Library in the Designer & Developer Center, where we can share our favorite product tips.

Take a look and post your tips at

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Actionscript Syntax Highlighting with SciTE|Flash

Many of you might already know how handy it is to edit ActionScript with SciTE|Flash, for those who do not know SciTE|Flash is a text editor from BomberStudios for editing ActionScript, free download is available in their website.

One of the nice features which attracted me is exporting the script as HTML […]

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