Webcam Motion Detection using AS3.

Some time back Guy Watson wrote an article in the developer center called Webcam Motion Detection: Using the BitmapData API in Flash 8. He later made a better version of it and included that source in the zip file. I went through that code and completely rewrote it in ActionScript 3. Here […]

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Building a XML Editor using Flex 2.

I’m making a XML Editor which can help playing around with E4X and manipulate the XML. Which will be hosted as an online service here and will also be available as a Apollo application later.

Here is the alpha version of it. I welcome feature requests and suggestions, kindly post them as […]

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MXML Quick Reference.

Here is a Flex 2 application which helps to quickly refer to MXML tags and and its attributes. I have plans to integrate it with the Flex 2 SDK help files and make it an Apollo application. I will improve it further and make it available here as online service

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Porting Flash MX 2004 Help Panel to the Web

It all started like this. I’ve created a Flash MX 04 component, with proper documentation. When I wanted to talk about that component on the web, I had to re-format the help document to put it on the web.

Then I decided to make a flash page that renders the table of contents […]

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XML Shortcut – Accessing XMLNode easily as a Object

If you hate accessing XMLNodes using myXML.firstChild.childNodes[3] approach, there are already couple of other approaches to deal with.

Before getting to know my new approach lets examine the other possibilities.


What do you think?
Will XML Shortcuts component be of any use to you?
Express your views in the comments, based on the demand I will […]

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New RIA Interface for my blog.

Quick Blog Viewer v3 is a Flash based RIA for my blog. Now you can keep track of the posts easily, find out what is new since your last visit, flag your favorite posts.

It’s interface should explain how. Check it out at blog/quickview

Don’t forget to right click on the grid after selecting […]

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XML pretty printing and color highlighting .

We used to build many Flash Applications which exports data as XML. How about pretty printing it with colors?

Before writing my own code I searched to find any existing code and found this code written by Evgeniy Potapenko in prototype. It does the basic pretty printing part, but it had few problems in […]

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Unicode escape notations generator.

As I mentioned already, for using Unicode characters in the FLA file the only way is to use notations. Here I have made an application which can convert the typed string into the escape sequence. Once I add some more functionality to it I will add to the services in this […]

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Tamil in a Flash – Sample guest book in Tamil and English

As I promised in my previous post I’ve developed a sample application. Today is Tamil New Year so I thought it is the right day to launch this tool. Even though it is not fully optimized, it is functional to demonstrate the concept.

This is a simple guest book which allows to […]

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Creating X-HTML using Flash MX Text box.

Further extending my strippTags code I came up with transformTags code to modify the tags in an xml object which is very useful for many different purposes. One of which I’m demonstrating here.

basic syntax is
XMLNode.transformTags(formatObject, AllowTagsByDefault)
formatObject – generic Object which contains the info on how to modify the tags.
AllowTagsByDefault – boolean value which specifies […]

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