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Creating a Talking Application in Flash.

Here I will show how to create a light weight talking application in flash. It is one of the Examples I showed in the Singapore User Group Session.

Our task is fairly simple,

Creating an audio file (preferably MP3) with all the words we want our application to speak.
Using that audio in a movieclip […]

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Free SWF to XAML Converter.

This should interest any one who wants to get into WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

What interests me is Michael Swanson’s interview in which he explains SWF file format internals.

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Solution for using relative paths in swfs to load data.

Only starting from Flash 9 and Actionscript 3 we can reliably use relative path to load data. Let me explain the problem.

say for example we have an swf file named ‘Slide.swf’ in a folder ‘Slide001’ folder which loads ‘data.xml’ using the following statement

This works fine when we directly call the swf, or the […]

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XML Shortcuts V2.2 MTASC Edition released

Now XMLShortcuts meets MTASC 🙂

I received many requests to make XMLShortcuts available for MTASC (Motion Twin Action Script Compiler). I could not do it with my busy schedule so far, but finally here it is

Download package consists of XMLShortcuts.as, an example and help files

iframe {
background-color: #ffffff;
border: 5px solid #D4D0C8;


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Counting number of words in a String.

Here is a simple code to get the word count. To ease up the process, I do not count the words that are not separated by space
For Example “Mr.Arul” will still be counted as one word. but it makes sure whitespace is not counted as words
Here is the code

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String.isWhite and String.getWordCount().

This is the same word count function that I showed in the previous post presented in the good old way of adding more properties and methods through the prototype.

String object is extened to have isWhite read only property and getWordCount method.

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Easy way to Randomize an Array.

Here is the sample code to shuffle the contents of an array

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including Actionscript 1 files in Actionscript 2 Project.

When we are including an AS1 file in an Fla which has to be published as AS2, we need to be careful in naming the include file. There shouldn’t be any object initialized in _global which has the same name as the include file.

Say for example,

I had a include file called […]

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Is Running in Flash IDE?

When testing my application in IDE, I wanted to use some hard coded test data instead of Every time loading the dynamic data. System.capabilities.isDebugger is the boolean property which is true when we are testing in IDE or special Debug Player.

Here is the sample code that I’ve used

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XML Shortcuts V2.2 released.

Release Notes
Version 2.2 is a minor update for fixing a bug and performance fine tuning.

Revision History
Version 2.1

Fixed the following issues.
– Both Pro and Lite versions create an unwanted variable ‘s’ in _level0
– In Pro, even after loading another XML. Some of the shortcuts still point to the old nodes.

Version 2.2

Performance improvement in Pro component

You […]

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