Background becomes black when defining depthColors style for Tree Component.

It used to work fine before (in Flex 2.0). Now with Flex 2.0.1, it renders as shown below when we define depthColors attribute for Tree Component

If I find any workaround I will update this post. If you know a workaround please post it as a comment

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Service Browser does not handle method table ‘arguments’ metadata defined as key value pairs.

While defining the method table for my ObjectStore service I noticed it. Those who use the JavaDoc style comments to generate the method table may never notice this issue.

Arguments metadata can be defined as an array of strings (as created by javadoc comments) or array of array which contains argument name as the […]

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Where Flash MX 2004 fails to render Unicode.

Unicode text includes bidirectional text, text that requires contextual shaping, and text with combining characters. Unicode text cannot be rendered with traditional one-code-point to one-glyph rendering; it requires analysis and processing of runs of text.

Currently Flash MX04 is able to render Unicode text properly with system fonts, but when we […]

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It is an Event handler; invoked when one of the text field scroll properties changes.

When the scroll properties can change?
Either when the text of the text field changes or when the size of the text field is altered.

It fires the onScroller event and updates the maxscroll, and maxhscroll properly when text is changed. […]

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Unicode escape notations are lost while auto formating ActionScipt!

I found this bug while working on my “content management solutions for languages”, project . If you want to use unicode characters that are not supported by your system’s codepage in your actionscript with out using external ‘.as’ files, the only way is to use Unicode escape notations in the […]

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Enter, Backspace and Delete Keys fail when using Listeners for Textbox

‘ve noticed it many times. When we use listeners for Textbox or while using onChanged event some times it fails to render backspace, delete and enter keys unless we have a selection. Removing the Listener reverts back to normal.

Did anybody had the same problem and found a solution?
If yes then […]

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I’m Back Again!

Due to some problem with ISP this blog was down for about a weeks time. Now that problem is solved so I’m back again. 🙂

Because of my new job the frequency of update will be less for a while but you can be sure that I will continue to serve as I did […]

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DRK Message Board Data Grid Sample Errata

Creating a custom cell symbol for datagrid is very easy. Every cell gets a function, setValue and setSize. When the grid is built, resized or value is changed, these functions will be called.

Message Board is a datagrid sample application that comes with the The Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit in which you […]

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Another weblog from India

My friend Darshan Sawardekar (well known for his components) has come up with his blog. I can proudly say that I acted as a catalyst in this reaction ( see I’m remembering my good old chemical technology days !!!).

Also take a look at his Building Flash MX Components that don’t “PRE”-LOAD! tutorial. I saw […]

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Workaround for Hollow Movieclip Mask problem

Darshan is building his next version of slideshow component and this problem is bugging him now.

I found out one workaround yesterday. When the mask movieclip made open (instead of keeping it with a closed hole) even with a hairline gap makes the mask work properly. Hiding the hairline gap we created is […]

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