Free SWF to XAML Converter.

This should interest any one who wants to get into WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

What interests me is Michael Swanson’s interview in which he explains SWF file format internals.

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Introducing ObjectStore.

What is ObjectStore?
Object Store is a service for creating, managing and accessing objects on the server. It is a light weight alternative to keeping XML data on the server.

How do we compare ObjectStore with RemoteSharedObject?
ObjectStore is similar to RemoteSharedObject in terms of storing data on the server, but ObjectStore does not […]

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XML Shortcuts V2 approved by Macromedia.

XML Shortcuts component is tested and approved by Macromedia. Now you can download it from Macromedia Exchange

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XMLShortcuts Version 2 coming soon.

I’m already working on version 2 of this XMLNode easy access component.

It will give better performance than the previous version. It will have two components, XMLShortcuts Lite and XMLShortcuts Pro. Both provide the same functionality.

XMLShortcuts Lite is optimized for file size & memory, it is recommended for Small Projects.

XMLShortcuts Pro is optimized […]

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Breeze Presentation on “Taking Sketches into full-blown Flash Animations”.

Yesterday we really enjoyed the presentation by Chris Georgenes, one of our Team Macromedia Volunteers. He talks about the minute details of animation. Take a look at his great presentation here. If you like to see the resulting animation of his presentation, take a look at his website.

Enjoy 🙂

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Pixel Perfect Drawing Tools for Flash MX04.

So far, whenever in need of pixel accurate graphics in flash, I follow the following steps

1. Enable the snap to pixel option (if not enabled already)
2. Zoom in to see the pixel grid
3. Select Rectangle Tool
4. Select ‘No Color’ for Stroke
5. Draw Pixel Rectangles with the help of snap to pixel

The good news is, […]

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Flash MX 2004 JSFL Reference

While the Macromedia’s official documentation for JSFL(The Flash JavaScript API) is not yet released, Steve Webster has put in some effort and created a reference for JSFL. Thanks for your efforts Steve!

Have a look at it here!

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Yet another way to generate reference documents

Philter has developed a parser to parse the flash doc style comments in your actionscript. Using his parser you can generate gModeler XML. You already know that gModeler can generate reference XML. Combining this two tools we are getting complete solution for free. On behalf of all the users let me […]

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New Open Source Socket Server for Flash

If you are building multiuser applications you might be interested in Oregano Multiuser Server, which was released last week. You can download it from It is completely free and Open Source and has an extensive feature set (automatic synchronization of data, integrated database connectivity, serialization of ActionScript […]

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Extended Textfield to get pixel coordinates of characters

Converting x,y position in a text field into index and vice versa is very useful. Flash Coders with Director background already know the advantage. With this we can create text rollovers, place emoticons and pictures in line with the Textfield.
I came to know about it through one of the FlashCoders email, […]

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