ActionScript based 3D Engine by Robin Kohli

Take a look at Robin Kohli’s 3D engine at his website. You can draw 3d Shapes and save them right there. He has given download for the source as well.

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Bringing in Languages to Flash

Embedding fonts in flash removes the hassle of font download and installation on the viewers machine, which is of great use when we publish multilingual content on the web.

What if we can develop an application in flash which enables typing in different languages using phonetic […]

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Flash Remoting Using AMF in PHP!

There is an interesting thread in Flash-DB which is discussing the various possibilities of passing data to flash from PHP. The attractive part in that to me is using AMF(Action Message Format – binary format for sending Flash Objects) with PHP.
Musicman has come out with this PHP class which can construct the […]

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Using CF.query with ServerSide ActionScript in JRun

Many of you already aware that CF.query method is available for ServerSide ActionScript only in Coldfusion to query a database. There is no such object available in JRun 4.0.

Tom Muck created an object for JRun 4 ServerSide ActionScript that adds a CF.query() method to SSAS. He has given example of how […]

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New Public Flash Player is released

After a big round of beta testing public version is now released. Also it is the first Flash 6 Player for Linux with full support for Remoting, Video playback, and Flash Communication server. You can download the updated version here.

[via:Mesh on MX]

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Screenweaver MX Beta 3 is released

The current Flash player is primarily used to display Flash content that was initially created for the web. Screenweaver is an extension to the Flash player that aims at providing Flash developers with a toolset to produce rich media desktop applications. By doing so it enables the developer to apply their existing […]

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Server Side ActionScript in ColdFusion MX vs JRun

Both JRun and ColdFusion MX support Server Side ActionScript, but there is a difference.

In ColdFusion there is an Object called CF with two exposed methods query and http. Using CF.query we can retrieve data from the database by executing SQL query.

There is no such object in JRun. 🙁

I came to know about this […]

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Yet Another Action Script Highlighter

Cyberfunk (Flash-tools) has come out with his own actionscript highlighter in Perl.
He calls it PASH (Perl Action Script Highlighter) and it is also available for download. You can read more on his site.

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Reference XML Viewer Pre Alpha Release!

I can not hold it with in myself any more!!! I’m almost done with the reference viewer. This will be useful for testing your reference documents. This pre alpha version supports “see also” type of cross reference links too 🙂 ( see the stringUtilsRef.xml for example).
Still it is not a complete […]

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Flash Remoting with PHP

Nik has come out with a solution for flash remoting with PHP. I haven’t got time to test it.
Check it out your self at his website.

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