Tips.PHP: A hidden gem in array_column

array_column can do much more than extracting a single column. Here is what you can do with array_column in PHP

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Creating a Talking Application in Flash.

Here I will show how to create a light weight talking application in flash. It is one of the Examples I showed in the Singapore User Group Session.

Our task is fairly simple,

Creating an audio file (preferably MP3) with all the words we want our application to speak.
Using that audio in a movieclip […]

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Enhancing the Blog Reader Example.

In the Live docs you might have read about Retrieve and Display Data. Here I’ve enhanced the same MXML by the following

The LinkButton hidden until the datagrid change event is fired.
Enabled the Data Tips for ‘Posts’ column to show tool tips text on roll over.
Made it a scalable layout by using constraint-based layout.

Here is […]

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Understanding AMF0 and AS3 Array.

You might have already read about Array oddity in AMFPHP/Flex 2. AS3 Associative Arrays, when sent through AMF0 they include ‘length’ propery. But numeric index based Arrays are fine.

I’ve created the following AMFPHP Service to showcase this issue. It is a simple service with a remote method that converts any given object to […]

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How to load data from a remote URL?

I found that the DataLoadingTest class given in Adobe Labs ActionScript 3 Resources site was buggy and did not work. I’ve corrected the file myself and made it work. Here is the working code 🙂


You can download the file from here.

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Porting XMLHighlighter class to ActionScript 3.

XMLHighlighter generates color highlighted pretty printed HTML code for the given XML document, I have ported it from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3.

Here is what I learned during the process

XML object in ActionScript 3 is different (It is ECMAScript for XML (E4X)).
For backward compatibility we have XMLDocument class which is equalent […]

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Using XMLShortcuts Example.

XML Shortcuts helps to access the XMLNodes with ease. You may read my previous post which compares the XMLShortcuts with XPath from XFactor Studio, XML to Object Prototype, and XMLNode easy access by tatsuo kato

Here is a example file, that shows how you can use XMLShortcuts in your MTASC projects.

above script produces the swf […]

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Generating Unique Random Number for Flash Lite 1 and 1.1.

Generating Unique random number for Flash Lite 1.1 is tricky because of the Flash 4 style syntax. I’ve made a sample application which shows how this can be achieved.

Here is the SWF showcasing this

You can download the FLA from here

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XML Shortcuts V2 released

Here you can download the second version of XMLShortcuts component which helps to access XMLNodes easily. Refer to Online Help document below for more info


iframe {
background-color: #ffffff;
border: 5px solid #D4D0C8;

<a href=”/HelpPanel/?target=XMLShortcuts” target=”_blank”>XMLShortcuts Online Help</a>

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XML and V2 Tree Example 5 – Limit by Depth.

Lets explore how we can hide nodes beyond the predefined depth from rendering in tree. Before hiding the text nodes, the tree looks like this (as per Example 1) with this XML

Start with a blank FLA, add a tree component to stage, name it “tree”, add a text area component name it […]

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