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Quick Blog Viewer Alpha for My Blog

Browsing my blog should be lot more easier with this. Here is the alpha version of my Quick Blog Viewer. Since the day one I’m thinking about creating a flash based easy to use interface for quick overview of my entire blog, only today I’m able to come up with […]

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Flash Remoting Using AMF in PHP!

There is an interesting thread in Flash-DB which is discussing the various possibilities of passing data to flash from PHP. The attractive part in that to me is using AMF(Action Message Format – binary format for sending Flash Objects) with PHP.
Musicman has come out with this PHP class which can construct the […]

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XML Pre Processing for handling XML

When we want to handle external Html files as XML, say for example using my transformTags() code, we face the problem of unclosed tags like <br> tag. To fix this problem we can overwrite onData method of XML object as shown below. It basically replaces all <br> tags with <br/> before […]

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I’m Back Again!

Due to some problem with ISP this blog was down for about a weeks time. Now that problem is solved so I’m back again. 🙂

Because of my new job the frequency of update will be less for a while but you can be sure that I will continue to serve as I did […]

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XMLNode.transformTags() Source Code Released!

Wish you all very happy and prosperous New Year 2003! 🙂 Here is my tiny gift for the new year, transformTags basically allows you to add, remove, and modify tags in any valid XML.

You can take a look and download the source code from here!

For more usage examples take a look at […]

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