Slow Server

I’ve noticed that this site sometimes becomes irritatingly slow or unavailable. Something should be wrong in the server. I’ve sent a mail to my ISP and waiting for their reply

Object to ActionScript Utility

Many times we need this! We create objects and arrays and modify them through code to get them as we want. Finally the object is ready but every time it is created using the same complex procedure when the SWF runs. This affects the performance to some extent. Also...

Action Script section added!!

Today I’ve added ActionScript section, which provides syntax highlighted version of the action script snippets Download option for the .as files is also available Check it out at Color highlighting has minor bugs...

Guest Book now ready!!

Today I’ve completed the guest book and also improved the layout and search feature. Now I started liking PHP for its power, simplicity and speed (I’m very new to PHP. I’ve just started using it for this blog). Because I’m working on this...

Comment system added!

I just finished coding the comments system in php. It may have bugs! so please bear with me. Please do comment about the blog entries. I need your feed back to give more useful content 🙂