FUIComponentClass ActionScript Dictionary

FUIComponentClass is the base class of all of the Macromedia components. Understanding that will help you in building your own component. Peter Hall has compiled a dictionary for it; you can take a loot at it here [via: peterjoel blog]

Interactive IK Skeleton

Today I just saw this through random search. It is an interesting interactive inverse kinematics animation of a skeleton (oh! so many ‘i’). I liked it Take a look at it here

Workaround for Hollow Movieclip Mask problem

Darshan is building his next version of slideshow component and this problem is bugging him now. I found out one workaround yesterday. When the mask movieclip made open (instead of keeping it with a closed hole) even with a hairline gap makes the mask work properly....

Masking with Hollow Movieclip

Darshan pointed out about this problem to me, I also checked. If you use a movieclip with a hollow interior as the mask it does not mask correctly, via actionscript or otherwise. However plain fills with hollow interiors work.

Flash Studio PRO 1.5 released

Flash Studio is a third party program for creating screen savers and applications out of projector files. The new pro version has some major additions. The updates are massive and unique including enabling joystick control, running applications in hidden windows, and...