Guest Book now ready!!

Today I’ve completed the guest book and also improved the layout and search feature. Now I started liking PHP for its power, simplicity and speed (I’m very new to PHP. I’ve just started using it for this blog). Because I’m working on this...

FUIComponentClass ActionScript Dictionary

FUIComponentClass is the base class of all of the Macromedia components. Understanding that will help you in building your own component. Peter Hall has compiled a dictionary for it; you can take a loot at it here [via: peterjoel blog]

Interactive IK Skeleton

Today I just saw this through random search. It is an interesting interactive inverse kinematics animation of a skeleton (oh! so many ‘i’). I liked it Take a look at it here

Comment system added!

I just finished coding the comments system in php. It may have bugs! so please bear with me. Please do comment about the blog entries. I need your feed back to give more useful content 🙂

XML Feed URL Changed

My Blog’s XML Feed link was previously pointing to a PHP file. Now I have changed it to point folder. Now no mater what technology I use, I never need to change the URL.